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An Introduction to the FiltaFry Franchise Opportunity


These are the top 20 questions asked by potential FiltaFry Franchisees

1. When was FiltaFry established?
FiltaFry was founded & established in the UK in late 1996 & in addition to becoming the market leader in this country, has expand-ed into the USA, Australia, Portu-gal, South Africa, Benelux, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Lebanon, Slovenia & India.
2. Are you members of Franchise Associations?
We are members of the BFA, IFA & AFA.
3. Is finance available through the major banks?
Yes. We have a long standing relationship with NatWest bank who typically lend up to 70% subject to status.
4. Is my area exclusive to me?
Yes. Each territory is based on postcodes and is designed to have the potential for more than one van if required.
5. How much turnover can be generated by one van per week?
In excess of £1,200 per week is achievable with one van although some franchisees settle for turnover in the region of £800—£900.
6. What training do I receive?
The training programme is broken down into three parts:

  1. Four day intensive residential course covering Health & Safety, Product Knowledge, Administration, Technical & Good fryer practice, Market-ing and promoting your business.
  2. One week operational training with an established & experienced franchisee.
  3. Business Development support & mentoring broken down into some telesales & some in field / territory support for a minimum of 5 days, which is followed up with an 8 week business plan.
7. How long do I have to wait for payment on National & Centralised accounts?
Large organisations are renowned for delays in payment, therefore The Filta Group in recognizing this problem has set up its own factoring service. This system enables Franchisees to receive a large percentage of the invoice promptly (middle of the month following invoicing) with the balance payable when the customer pays. There is a small charge for this service, details of which are available upon request.
8. What is the term of the Franchise Agreement and what is the cost of renewal?
The Franchise agreement is for 5 years and is renewable with no additional fee, provided the Franchisee is in compliance with all terms & conditions.
9. What guaranteed customers and income do I have initially?
We have national accounts waiting to be serviced in the majority of areas. Our initial sales support combined with your prospecting and promotion activity within the territory will get you off to a good start.
10. How long does the service take?
On average we allow one hour for each customer taking into account travel and access into and out of the premises. Larger customers such as Hospitals or Universities could take longer as there might be several kitchens to service, but these can be just as cost effective as the machine and equipment maybe able to be moved from one kitchen to the next. This can also apply to many other potential sites such as Colleges, Prisons & Holiday Camps etc.
11. Can I speak to existing Franchisees?
Certainly. We have a very open policy & encourage you to speak to our Franchisees & to also have the opportunity to spend some time in the field to see the business in action for yourself.
12. What competition does FiltaFry have?
FiltaFry, the Worlds leading fryer management service has little or no direct competition. The extensive branded range of kitchen hygiene products & services are all of the highest quality in their respective categories & provide a one stop shopping experience for customers & enhanced earnings for Franchisees.
13. What insurances are needed?
A bespoke Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity limit of £5 million, equipment up to £7,000 and a fully comprehensive motor policy are required. We have a bespoke and competitive package available, which subject to status and personal circumstances should not exceed £1350 per year.
14. What happens if my machine breaks down?
With all of the numerous upgraded modifications that we have made over the years our machine is highly efficient and reliable. They have to be as we ship them all over the World. How-ever in the rare unfortunate event of a breakdown you have several options:

  1. You have direct access to the factory to speak with the engineers that build the machines in Harrogate, Yorkshire. You can also arrange to take your machine there to them.
  2. You can bring your machine to Rugby where we have a local engineer that can work on your machine.
  3. You can have direct access to the office hours, who can in most cases diagnose the problem & prescribe the best course of action for you to take. We keep a full stock of spare parts at the factory in Harrogate which can be shipped to you via courier over night.
15. What options are available for the van?

All of the vans regardless come through our nominated supplier. They can be purchased either outright for cash or any finance package available in the market. We have excellent arrangements in place with experienced advisors to help you make the right decision for you. The van must be however a Peugeot Expert and inline with our brand image.

The van package will include a complete bespoke kit out including ramp & cage for the machine, flooring, livery, shelving, waste oil collection tank and delivery to either our offices or your home.

16. What costs are involved in putting a second operation on the road?
You will need a machine & equipment package , uniforms and a deposit for the van. A budget of £7,500 should be adequate for this purpose. You will also need to employ an operative who will need to undergo Health & Safety training and infield training as a minimum requirement.
17. Do I have to be VAT registered?
As you will be trading as Business2Business you must be VAT registered, your business customers will expect it and you will be paying VAT on all of your supplies so it makes sense to be registered. It is a simple process & we can give you advice should you require it.
18. What ongoing support is available?
You will have an infield Business Development Manager allocated to you who is responsible for the growth of their region which will include your operation. The BDM’s are available to help & advise you with your business. If at some stage in the future you require additional sales sup-port, maybe when you are launching your second van the BDM will generate further customers for you. There is a charge for this but on a results only basis.
19. If both parties are agreeable how long does it take to become operational?
Usually 4 to 8 weeks including the training courses. We will agree a mutually acceptable time frame with all new franchisees.
20. What deposit is required and what happens next?
Once you have spoken to at least one Franchisee and been out with a franchisee to see the service live time you must visit us here at our head office in Rugby. We encourage you to make the visit with your partner, husband or wife or anyone else that is going to be directly affected by you making the decision to become a FiltaFry Franchisee. We believe it is very important to have the support and full backing of your family and without that support you should not consider joining our Franchise. Subject to all parties being satisfied we will write to you in the form of an offer letter which will ask you for a non refundable deposit of £5,000 plus VAT. This deposit will secure the area for you and we will order all of your equipment and start-up package. The balance of your fees must be paid at least 14 days prior to training.

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